AEO Screens: Archaeology Screens and Forensic Sifters    
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AEO Screens: Archaeology Screens and Forensic Sifters

Same great screens designed and improved by Erich Obermayr for over 25 years!

AEOSCREEN makes a complete line of archaeology and forensic screens, including seven different models and inserts, designed for any field situation from large-scale excavations to backpack surveys. ORDER ONLINE Phone 250-358-2145 or email for more information.

  • User Friendly Design: Shaped, sanded handles; no exposed ragged mesh edges; no unnecessary sharp corners or other projections; good balance.
  • Horizontal and Cross Braced Legs: Horizontal leg brace prevents the screenbox from flipping over when loaded; cross-bracing permanently eliminates sideways wobble no matter how overloaded the screen.
  • Dadoed Joints: All joints are inset, providing much more strength and long term durability than simple butted joints.
  • Replaceable Stainless Steel Mesh: Standard 4 or 8 mesh screen; stainless steel, which is far more durable than commonly used hardware cloth; easy removal and replacement; non-standard mesh sizes also available.
  • Spar Varnish Finish: All models finished with two coats of spar varnish; insures the longevity of our products by protecting against the extremes of dampness, desiccation, and sun damage encountered in the field; facilitates cleaning and maintenance.
  • Prompt Delivery: Orders can be shipped within days, depending on stock available; delivery in approximately two weeks.

AEO Screens: Archaeology Screens and Forensic Sifters
Spangler Works,  Box 446,  New Denver,   British Columbia,  V0G 1S0   Canada
Tel: 250-358-2145